Accelerating Custom Capacitor Design with Simulation Apps

19 January 2018
By Sarah Fields, Technical marketing engineer, Comsol

Capacitors are ubiquitous across common electrical devices used today, as well as in applications where extreme conditions must be considered….

Wireless Positioning and Location Awareness

14 December 2017
By Alan Bensky, Wireless communications consultant, Ateret Radio Engineering

It seems that people like to know where they are, and where their family and friends happen to be at…

Why do I need to test my assemblies and what do I need?

29 November 2017
By JTAG Technologies

Introduction There’s an old saying in the engineering industry that simply states: ‘If it hasn’t been tested then it doesn’t…

Single Chip Front End Module (FEM) for 28GHz 5G

21 November 2017
By Plextek RFI

The Front End Module (FEM) is an essential component required to enable future mm-wave 5G systems, providing the final stages of amplification in a transmitter and…

Understanding and specifying RF filters

27 October 2017
By Andy Treble, Director, EuroQuartz

In today’s digital age, analogue methods used in RF filters are something of a black art. Here, Andy Treble, Sales…

Safe battery charging in wearables and other small systems

6 October 2017
By Kanji Kerai, Dialog Semiconductor

The Internet of Things is all set to enhance almost every aspect of modern life. By collecting and analyzing vast…

Flash translation layer

27 September 2017
By Apacer Technology inc

Short range low power wireless devices and Internet of Things (IoT)

22 September 2017
Internet of things
By Mats Andersson Senior Director Technology, Product Center Short Range Radio, u-blox

This paper discusses the topic of the “last 100 meters connectivity” in systems where small devices (such as various sensors)…

Challenges around testing connected cars

22 September 2017
By Sarabjit Singh, senior product manager at Anite's device & infrastructure testing business

Although car manufacturers, or Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), are adequately addressing design requirements inside the car, delivering the Connected Car…

5 Steps to BSP porting development success

22 September 2017
By Bytesnap Design

After selecting the core hardware for your next product, BSP porting must be completed to ensure the software elements fit the new…