Trend Towards Integrated Electronics to Drive In-Mold Electronics (IME) Market to $1.5bn by 2032, Reports IDTechEx

22 September 2021

In-mold electronics enables electronic functionality to be embedded within molded and thermoformed plastic components. With the integration of capacitive touch, lighting, and…

Functional Automotive Exteriors With Printed/Flexible Electronics, Discussed by IDTechEx

6 August 2021

While vehicle interiors might be an obvious target for emerging technologies based on printed/flexible electronics, there are also plenty of opportunities for vehicle exteriors. These range from transparent heaters…

How Automation is Changing Electronics

27 July 2021

Automation is reshaping the world, and the manufacturing industry appears to be at the epicentre of this new industrial revolution….

From Mini-LED to Micro-LED Displays: IDTechEx Reports on this Industry Game-Changer

23 June 2021

2020 and 2021 are the years for the Mini-LED displays to boost. From Samsung to LG, from TCL to BOE, from Konka to Hisense,…

Automotive Interior Differentiation is the New Battleground, Reveals IDTechEx

10 June 2021

Automotive OEMs have always added features to differentiate their vehicles, either from other brands or from other models in their…

Advanced low-power processors enable AI at the Edge

27 May 2021

by Andreas Mangler, Director Strategic Marketing, Rutronik Microcontrollers have long been the low-power processor of choice for IoT applications sitting at…

Layered materials grant sight to electronic chips

19 May 2021

Chip based on layered materials classifies images a thousand times faster than conventional machine-vision systems Researchers at Graphene Flagship partner,…

New Report from IDTechEx Reveals Shift to Electric Vehicles and Autonomy to Drive Printed Electronics Automotive Market to $12.7 bn by 2031

8 May 2021

IDTechEx has released a new technical market research report, “Printed and Flexible Electronics for Automotive Applications 2021-2031: Technologies and Markets”,…

Will Micro-LED Displays be a Threat to OLED Displays, IDTechEx Discusses

28 April 2021

With the launch of Micro- and Mini-LED displays by various OEMs and display vendors, the self-emissive LED-based displays have attracted tremendous attention by…

Simplifying Smart Home using Dialog’s Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi Platform

8 April 2021

The promise of the smart home was to make things simple for you. It was supposed to cook your food,…