EMC and Compliance International

EMC and Compliance International brings together exhibitors from across sectors including electronics, electrical, industrial, aerospace, medical, military and more. The show will provide access to expertise on new EMC directives, components, test techniques and equipment and the latest EMC modelling.

The two-day programme includes a specialist speaker area, called Ten minutes with an expert (TWEX), which will give visitors the chance to sit down with an expert for a free EMC consultation. TWEX will feature nine experts who will offer their advice on issues such as electromagnetic hazards, data protection and more.

Key speakers attending the event include Geraldine Salt, a standards development manager at the British Standards Institution (BSI); Ian MacDiarmid, visiting professor in applied electromagnetics at University of Liverpool and Andy Degraeve, of The Limit Line, an associate of Cherry Clough Consultants.

The conference will also include training workshops for paid delegates. The workshops will run from nine until three thirty for anyone that would like to hear from industry experts. A key speaker at the event is Keith Armstrong, who founded Cherry Clough Consultants after gaining experience as an electronic designer, project manager and design department manager. Attendees can visit Keith’s workshops on Wednesday May 17 and find out how to quickly design cost-effective filtering and shielding.

“Each year it becomes increasingly important for engineers to have a strong understanding of EMC and interference as trends like miniaturisation become increasingly prevalent across key industry sectors,” explained Keith Armstrong. “The workshops provide visitors with the opportunity to enhance their skill set and gain valuable advice from some of the UK’s leading experts.”

To attend EMC & Compliance International 2023, simply register for a free visitor ticket. After that, book your session with your chosen TWEXpert by visiting www.emcandci.com/bookonline/twex.

Check the full timetable on the website to plan your trip to the conference around the technical and training workshops, and to see the list of exhibitors.


The Grandstand, Newbury Racecourse, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 7NZ