Arrow Electronics Tech Snacks put engineers’ time first

Arrow Electronics is launching a new learning concept, Tech Snacks, that will provide engineers with the technical information and insight they need in a choice of formats that have been designed to match their demanding schedules.

The Tech Snacks concept will be introduced at an EMEA-wide (Europe, Middle East and Africa) program that will run from 7 – 18 June covering a wide range of electronic engineering topics. Individual panel discussions will focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), automotive/electric vehicles, Industry 4.0 and 5G.

The Tech Snacks content is created to appeal to a wide-ranging audience including hardware and software engineers, R&D teams, project managers and CTOs.

Recognising that not everyone can devote as much time as they would like to join existing online conferences and exhibitions, Arrow has developed a new phased approach to enable attendees to ‘snack’ on overviews of selected topics. Then, on finding an area they would like to explore further, attendees are presented with options to drill down into more detail or interact with experts and other participants who have similar interests. There are no parallel sessions, so participants are never forced to choose between competing activities.

On each day of the program, visitors can choose from up to five Tech Snacks from across all the event’s headline topics. Each snack is a 15-minute overview that serves as an introduction to a topic and includes a live presentation, introduced and concluded by a host, and featuring elements such as interactive polls to help align discussion with audience interest. If, having attended a snack, participants want to learn more, they will be presented with the opportunity to dive more deeply into the topic through detailed presentations, question and answer sessions with experts, discussions on use cases and applications, and live demonstrations.

In addition to the snackable content, live Tech Lunch panel discussions will be hosted twice per week. These panels will each focus on one of the program’s headline topics, selected from AI/ML, automotive/EV, Industry 4.0 and 5G. Leading edge technology and electronics suppliers will attend the panel discussions to share insight on technology trends and roadmaps.

A full agenda and registration page for the Arrow Electronics Tech Snacks program can be found at

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