Aspen bring Mi-Wave’s 267 series Omni-Directional Antenna to aid 60GHz frequency band development

Millimeter Wave Products Inc, represented by Aspen Electronics, have launched a new 60GHz Omni-Directional Antenna further enhancing their range of millimetre wave and microwave products. With the ever-enhancing developments in 5G communication systems, this latest addition to Mi-Wave’s 267 series fits with networks expected to operate in the 60GHz frequency band.

The MI-Wave antenna model 267V-60 provides full 360° omnidirectional coverage over the frequency range 58GHz to 63GHz with excellent performance, ideal for 5G – 60GHz band systems development. This antenna is also suitable for WiGig™ applications to 70GHz.

Mi-Waves Omni-Directional Antennas have been designed to be used in wide angle applications including surveillance, network broadcast and receiving systems and RF probes.

Specific attributes include Low VWSR, Wide Bandwidths, 360º Azimuth Beamwidths, Variable Elevation Beamwidths (45º is typical) and its small size being an advantage when compared to some larger alternatives.

MI-WAVE is a global leader in microwave and millimeter wave products for commercial and military applications. Located in St Petersburg, Fl. MI-WAVE provides the microwave and millimeter wave industry with products, technology, components, assemblies and custom services.