Charcroft samples ultra-stable Kemet KONNEKT™ technology capacitors

Charcroft Electronics Ltd., – a specialist distributor and manufacturer of electronic components for harsh and high-end applications – is sampling the first release of Kemet’s KONNEKT technology capacitors. KEMET’s patented KONNEKT™ technology is designed to enable high power density by combining multiple components into a single surface-mountable package.

The KONNEKT U2J ceramic capacitors feature KEMET’s ultra-stable U2J dielectric to create a low-loss, low-inductance package capable of handling very high ripple current in the range up to hundreds of kilohertz.

The leadless multichip solution for high-efficiency and high-density power converters uses innovative Transient Liquid Phase Sintering (TLPS) which makes the capacitors compatible with existing reflow processes. The option to mount the KONNEKT U2J capacitors in a low-loss orientation increases their power-handling capability. It also provides lower Effective Series Resistance (ESR) and Effective Series Inductance (ESL) in addition to increasing the capability to handle ripple current.

The extremely stable KONNEKT U2J Class I dielectric material exhibits a negligible shift in capacitance across voltage and a predictable and linear change in capacitance across ambient temperature, with minimal aging effect. The family operates over a temperature range from −55 to +125 degrees Centigrade.

KONNEKT U2J capacitors are sampling now from Charcroft Electronics for qualified high-efficiency, high-density power converter designs. Samples can be requested from


About Charcroft

Charcroft Electronics is a privately-owned specialist distributor and manufacturer of electronic components for harsh and high-end applications. The distribution linecard is focussed on passive, interconnect, electromechanical and optoelectronic components as well as power supplies and rugged semiconductors.

At its UK-based, BS- and CECC-approved production facility Charcroft manufactures custom passive assemblies, audio and precision foil resistors in addition to silver mica and legacy ceramic capacitors. This facility is a VPG-approved Precision Centre for Bulk Metal® Foil resistors and offers taping and reeling, in addition to Precision Express® manufacturing for prototype and pre-production quantities. Charcroft is certified to AS 9120 and approved to BS9000, IECQCECC and BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and has over 40 years of experience as an Approved Supplier to major OEMs and CEMs in the industrial, defence and other high-end sectors.