Crouzet acquires Microprecision Electronics and accelerates its growth.

Crouzet Automatismes SAS of Valence, France, announces its acquisition of Microprecision Electronics SA, the Swiss manufacturer of electromechanical precision components.

Enlarging its product range and manufacturing presence in Central Europe

Based in Vouvry, Switzerland, Microprecision manufactures very precise snap action switches and position sensors for demanding industrial applications since 1956. Its ex-pertise makes it the ideal partner for addressing industrial automation, machinery, building, elevation systems, marine and medical markets.

Through this acquisition, Crouzet expands its product portfolio with a range of “Swiss made” sealed snap action switches with minimal differential travel, as well as a range of unique and highly accurate position sensors. At the same time, it also expands its geographical footprint in Central Europe with a manufacturing facility in Switzerland.


Synergies and benefits for both companies

“Microprecision delivers value to its customers through product quality, engineered solutions and flexible services. Both companies’ activities are very complementary”, Gerald Grandsire, M&A Director at Crouzet says.

Crouzet customers around the world will now be able to obtain also Microprecision products through their established supply chain, and Microprecision customers will benefit from the resources and the knowhow available within Crouzet.

“Microprecision will benefit from the clout of Crouzet’s global sales and marketing network, to deliver further growth. The Microprecision brand, enhanced by Crouzet’s industrial strength, will continue to stand for quality, reliability and superior customer service”, Vito Carrea, Managing Director at Microprecision, comments.


2019: Crouzet’s acquisition strategy made true

Following the acquisition of Garos early this year, this second acquisition confirms Crouzet’s strategy to accelerate growth through acquisitions in its target markets focusing on leading-edge companies in the design, production and sale of mechatronic components for demanding applications.

For more information contact Microprecision Electronics SA, Switzerland, at +41 24 481 4343

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