Dialog Semiconductor Launches Family of Audio Codecs Delivering Groundbreaking Active Noise Cancellation

 Dialog Semiconductor Plc (XETRA:DLG), a provider of highly integrated power management, audio, AC/DC power conversion, charging, and Bluetooth® low energy technology, today announced the DA740x, a family of highly-integrated audio codec chips that deliver best-in-class active noise cancellation (ANC), providing optimal audio performance in any environment to the rapidly-growing wireless headphones market.

The global market for wireless headphones is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 20% generating revenues of around $34 billion by 2024. With ANC rapidly becoming a de facto standard, Dialog is well-positioned to capture a significant market share with the DA740x product family.

The DA740x supports feedforward and feedback ANC topologies, in which the noise cancelling microphones are located either outside or inside the headphone cup. With its integrated custom filtering, the DA740x also enables a fully hybrid implementation which combines the best of both worlds by providing high performance ANC while maximizing audio quality and battery life. The chip family is agnostic to the type of audio interface meaning it is effective in both wired and wireless applications.

DA740x’s digital implementation and complementary software-based tuning tools enable Dialog customers to realize their ANC designs with far fewer external components and faster time-to-market compared to typical analog-based designs, which require significant analog circuitry and component-level tuning.

“This new, groundbreaking audio codec family is expected to significantly grow Dialog’s share in the expanding wireless headphone market,” said Sean McGrath, Senior VP & GM of Dialog Semiconductor’s Connectivity and Audio Business Group. “The highly integrated design approach affords our customers superior ANC performance and audio quality with fewer external components and a footprint of less than six square millimeters making it suitable for even the smallest in-ear formfactors. The DA740x allows manufacturers to build higher quality, lower power products in smaller devices with a faster time-to-market.”

The family consists of three chips:

  • DA7402: stereo high performance (HP) codec with ANC
  • DA7401: mono HP codec with ANC
  • DA7400: stereo HP codec.

Dialog has specifically designed each chip to address different segments of the headphone market providing customers with a one-stop-shop for optimizing their entire mid and high-end product range.

The DA7402 supports hybrid, feedforward, and feedback topologies, up to 35 dB suppression, and offers dedicated calibration and tuning tools, all to support digital ANC. With high performance playback and record paths, DA7402 is designed for high dynamic range and minimum latency. The DA7402 offers one of the smallest digital ANCs on the market, with half the power consumption and twice the audio performance compared to today’s leading chip solutions making it ideal for sport earbuds, hearables, true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds, unified communication headsets and more.

As a derivative of the DA7402, the DA7401 is a high-performance mono ANC Codec designed for TWS and hearable applications. It offers a 115 dB playback dynamic range, 103 dB record dynamic range, hybrid ANC and flexible clocking architecture. The DA7400 provides similar capabilities and was designed for consumer applications that require hi-resolution, high performance audio, without ANC.