Dialog Semiconductor Recognized as a Leading Power Management Partner for Xilinx SoCs and FPGAs

Dialog Semiconductor plc (XETRA:DLG), a provider of highly integrated power management, AC/DC power conversion, charging, and Bluetooth® low energy technology, today announced it has been recognized as a key power management partner to Xilinx, a leading provider of FPGAs, SoCs, and 3D ICs. By collaborating with Xilinx, Dialog will leverage its extensive experience in developing efficient, scalable power management solutions for the next generation of sensor processing, networking and automotive applications. Dialog now offers a complete portfolio of power management solutions for Xilinx Zynq®-7000 SoC, Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC and Spartan®-7 FPGA platforms.

This collaboration has resulted in highly efficient, cost-optimized solutions incorporating both companies’ devices. The DA9063 power management IC (PMIC) and DA9213 sub-PMIC provides the complete power needs of the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC platform. Optimized for supplying single and multi-core processor systems, the DA9062 features four buck converters and supplies a total current of 8.5 A to the Spartan-7 FPGAs and Zynq-7000 SoCs.

“With the flexibility and scalability of our PMIC configurations, Xilinx customers are able to offer highly efficient systems that allow changes in power configuration and sequencing, even after final assembly,” said Paul Wheeler, Vice President Mobile Systems, Dialog Semiconductor. “Our partnership with Xilinx further demonstrates our leadership position in innovation and the development of energy-saving power management solutions across multiple industries.”

“As end products continue to shrink in size and increase in complexity, system power efficiency is crucial for meeting end customers’ needs,” said Yousef Khalilollahi, Vice President, Core Vertical Markets at Xilinx. “Dialog’s PMIC family of products offers a scalable power solution for our industry-leading All Programmable™ SoC and FPGA solutions, allowing Xilinx customers to focus on utilizing the advanced capabilities of these devices.”

The combination of Xilinx’s powerful processing platforms and Dialogs power management chipsets provide the ideal solution for developers seeking to optimize their platform designs. Dialog’s powerful and efficient small-footprint solution for Xilinx platforms delivers lower power dissipation when compared to competing PMICs. That power reduction combined with the multi-rail support, in-system reprogrammable power sequencing offered via the complementary SmartCanvas GUI, dynamic voltage scaling, and over-temp and over-voltage shut down, allows optimum flexibility for developers.

The chipsets, samples, evaluation boards, SmartCanvas™ GUI and supporting documentation are available via Avnet worldwide.

Learn more about Dialog’s SoC power solutions for Xilinx SoCs here:   http://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/power-solutions-xilinx-MPSoCs-and-fpgas