ERNI Electronics and Amphenol ICC have signed Second-Source Agreement on the MicroSpeed Connector System.

ERNI and Amphenol ICC have entered into a second-source agreement covering the MicroSpeed connector family, to establish MicroSpeed as the reliable board-to-board solution satisfying challenging high-speed, industrial and harsh environment applications.

“We are delighted having Amphenol ICC as a second-source for MicroSpeed”, said Michael Singer, Vice President Marketing at ERNI Electronics. “This relationship with Amphenol ICC will drive the standard for board-to-board solutions, highly reliable EMI shielding and speed up to 25Gb/s. Over the last years the MicroSpeed products get high market acceptance in various challenging applications and with Amphenol ICC we will be able to bring MicroSpeed products to the next level”.

“Amphenol ICC is very pleased to work with ERNI by providing the industry with a second-source of ERNI’s innovative MicroSpeed connector” said Fabrizio Stango, Product Marketing Director at Amphenol ICC. “ERNI expertise and Amphenol’s expertise in industrial connector technology is a good match to offer a standard, dual-sourced high-speed board-to-board solution.”

The MicroSpeed connector system is a guarantee for high data transmission rates. Thanks to outstanding signal integrity, data rates up to 25+ Gb/s can be realized. The space-saving, interference-proof connectors are maximally electromagnetically compatible and safe. Typical application areas can be found in industrial automation. MicroSpeed connectors are ideal for Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. Furthermore, they are generally suitable for data, telecommunications and high-end computing. Despite its miniaturized shape, the connectors have proven reliability and a high degree of robustness. Power modules supplement the assortment and enable power supply.

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The German company ERNI Electronics GmbH & Co. KG, which belongs to the international group of companies ERNI International AG, was founded in 1956 and is headquartered in Adelberg, Germany. ERNI develops and manufactures a wide variety of connectors, backplanes and complete systems, soldering assemblies and cable assemblies. ERNI is a globally active enterprise, with branch offices in Europe, North America and Asia.

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