Eurocircuits presents itself at Embedded World 2020 as a full service provider for prototype PCBs including Assembly

The electronics service provider Eurocircuits is presenting itself at embedded world with the trade fair motto “Right First Time”, from PCB design to assembled printed circuit boards. Eurocircuits needs a total of 6 working days in its plant in Hungary to manufacture the printed circuit board and to populate it with electronic components. Prototypes & Small Series at series quality level.

Eurocircuits calls its latest service: 3 + 3. The offer is aimed at hardware developers in Europe who not only need reliable prototype boards and small series, but also want to access a fast turnaround assembly service.

3 + 3 means: 3 days for the production of the printed circuit board and 3 days for the assembly with electronic components. In 2019, the full-service provider delivered 4,250 assembly orders. Because the assembly service is becoming increasingly popular, Eurocircuits has massively expanded its production equipment and optimised the manufacturing processes.

Eurocircuits has also developed its smart tools for developers and circuit board designers. The intelligent web tool PCB Vizualizer checks the PCB design data for completeness, shows critical points in the design and gives specific suggestions to correct design errors. The new PCBA Visualizer works accordingly for component assembly. A BOM editor and many design tools help to clean the circuit board and assembly data even before the ordering process is triggered. The result is a validated PCB design, a valid BOM list and valid placement and 3D data for the assembly.

Advantage: Hardware developers and PCB designers immediately receive a correct design in industrial quality and an overview of the component availability or possible alternatives as well as an exact price calculation. In addition, the validated data enable the hardware to be manufactured smoothly by any EMS company.


About Eurocircuits

Eurocircuits is a European full-service provider for PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly of prototypes and small series. The group, founded in 1991 with headquarters in Mechelen, Belgium, has production sites in Hungary, Germany and India, sales companies in Germany, France, Switzerland, Hungary and England as well as representatives in Italy and Spain / Portugal.

Eurocircuits can be reached 24/7 at


Meet Eurocircuits at Embedded World, Hall 3A Booth 135