Farnell element14 becomes Farnell, An Avnet Company

As of 1st March 2019, Farnell element14 will be changing its name to Farnell, An Avnet Company.  Customers have known the business as Farnell since it was established in 1939, and this change of name recognises its strong relationship with its customers and its role as a key element of the Avnet eco-system.  By bringing Farnell together with the Avnet brand we want to show that working with Farnell is also working with Avnet and demonstrate the value that we can add as one company.

Farnell became part of Avnet when parent company Premier Farnell was acquired in 2016.  Brands within Avnet’s overall ecosystem are now being brought together to provide a simple and cohesive proposition for both customers and suppliers.  Through a number of strategic acquisitions, Avnet has grown its capabilities to enable product makers, both large and small, manage the entire product lifecycle – from idea to global distribution – more successfully than ever before.  Avnet now has the capabilities to support every stage of the product lifecycle and is the first distributor to offer true end-to-end solutions in-house that take an idea from prototype through to mass production.

Customers no longer have to identify, review and onboard a new partner at every phase of their product production and by working with Farnell and Avnet together can have one partner throughout their product development cycle. This saves customer time and money, and provides support through the complex phases of product development.

Farnell was first established in 1939 as AC Farnell Limited, and joined Newark Electronics in the USA in 1996, to become Premier Farnell.  The combined business was one of the first distribution companies to offer eprocurement capabilities to customers and first to launch an online community, element14, for engineers, which now brings together over 600,000 like-minded members to create new and exciting electronics designs, and then share their process so others can learn from them.  Farnell was rebranded Farnell element14 in 2008 and became part of the Avnet business in 2016 following the acquisition of parent company Premier Farnell.

Since early days in the 1930s, AC Farnell Limited had a simple mission to help customers get the parts they need, when they need them. Today, this mission remains true with hundreds of thousands of customers relying on the business to get them the parts they need every year.

As we bring the businesses closer together, for the benefit of customers, Newark element14, in North America also changes its name to Newark, An Avnet Company.