Hoffmann + Krippner Launches New Miniature P53 Ultrasonic Sensor

Hoffmann + Krippner is proud to announce the availability of the new model P53-80-D18. This new compact (45mm long and 18mm diameter) ultrasonic sensor is one of the smallest ultrasonic sensors on the market worldwide and is designed for use in harsh environmen­tal conditions as well as in hygienic applications.

 Due to the special housing construction made of V4A stainless steel (1.4404) with a roughness depth of 0.6μm, the P53 STEEL HEAD is well suited for use in harsh environments such as dust, moisture and water vapor. As the sensor and its mounting assembly can be sanitized with strong cleaning materials, the P53’s real world applications include manufacturing, food and chemical processing, medical, agriculture, packaging, etc. It can be used for a variety of distance measurements as well as level measurement, presence detection, detection of moving objects, counting objects and checking for completeness.

 According to Jens Kautzor, CEO of Hoffmann + Krippner, “The P53 is perfect anytime a machine requires a small profile, reliable and cost-effective ultrasonic sensing solution that is easy to install and to clean.”

 The new miniature P53 provides a range of up to 800 mm. The high temperature range of up to + 80 °C opens up a wide range of ap­plications.

 The EHEDG certified model is equipped with an integrated cable screw connection, ensuring best hygiene for food and beverage as well as bottling and packing industries. The industrial model includes a M12 connector with power supply, signal output and teach in. It can be mounted with two Teflon nuts that provide acoustic decoupling. The P53 can be configured via the M12 connector cable. In addition, optional external hold/sync switches are available.

 The ultrasonic sensor P53-D18, together with the support clamp P53-SC-D18-5-EHEDG, meet the “hygienic equipment design criteria” released by the EHEDG for “Type EL, Class I Aux” in terms of the mechanical design, materials and surface qualities. For areas with strict hygienic requirements, the ultrasonic sensor should be used with the provided support clamp P53-SC-D18-5-EHEDG. The usage of ECOLAB certified materials provides resistivity against cleaning agents like P3-topactive OKTO, P3-topactive 200, P3-topax 52, P3-topax 66 and P3-topax 990.

The data sheet and additional tech details are available at https://www.hoffmann-krippner.com/downloads-ultrasonic-sensors/ and https://www.hoffmann-krippner.com/pil-p53-datasheets/

 To learn how the P53 ultrasonic sensor is the perfect solution for safe and hygienic food production processes, please download the full case study here: https://www.hoffmann-krippner.com/pdfs/HK_CaseStudy_P53.pdf.



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