Molex Announces New MicroTPA 2.00mm Wire-to-Board and Wire-to-Wire Connector System

Molex releases the MicroTPA 2.00mm Wire-to-Board and Wire-to-Wire Connector System, providing electrical and mechanical reliability in a high-temperature design that meets a diverse range of industry requirements. The connectors are ideal for the consumer and automotive markets needing a compact wire-to-board and wire-to-wire connector system, with a current rating up to 2.5A for use within constrained spaces.

The MicroTPA 2.00mm Wire-to-Board and Wire-to-Wire Connector System has the advantage of two to 15 circuits in a wire-to-wire connector system, acceptance of a wide range of wire sizes, crimp terminals that are already popular in the market, TPA retainers, a positive lock structure, RoHS compliant and high-temperature capabilities, vertical through-hole headers and a 2.00mm pitch.

“The new MicroTPA Connector System is designed to withstand harsh environments,” said Mariko Okamoto, global product manager, Molex. “For example, a raised bottom and ledge on the connector allows potting material to cover the entire PC board, preventing water from entering the connector and eliminating otherwise typical conductivity issues.”

Compared to similar connector systems in the market right now, the MicroTPA 2.00mm Wire-to-Board and Wire-to-Wire Connector System offers 2.5A amperage, a temperature range of -40 to +105˚C and a cable range of 0.85mm to 1.50mm.

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