New 50 and 60 mm modules for Drives and UPS applications, Prime Block designed for highest performance

Infineon Technologies Bipolar GmbH & Co. KG has expanded its product portfolio of thyristor/diode modules. The new Prime Block 50 mm modules feature solder bond technology and the 60 mm modules pressure contact technology. They are designed for highest performance when the desired current exceeds 600 A for a 60 mm footprint or 330 A for a 50 mm footprint. This avoids the paralleling of modules when this is not an option. Prime Block modules are a perfect fit for industrial AC and DC drives as well as for rectifiers and bypasses in UPS.

The new modules have been optimized for better thermal resistance and higher operational temperatures to push their performance beyond the existing limits. As a result, the Prime Block achieves the highest power density in its respective footprint while maintaining the well-known reliability, which leads to an outstanding lifetime. The pressure contact modules in general provide best-in-class blocking stability, the solder bond modules fully undergo an X-ray monitoring after the soldering process.

The variant in the 60 mm standard housing comes in the topologies thyristor/thyristor and thyristor/diode with a blocking voltage of either 1600 V or 2200 V and in current ratings from 700 A to 820 A. The 50 mm standard housing variant is offered in the topologies thyristor/thyristor, thyristor/diode and diode/diode. Its blocking voltage stands at 1600 V, 1800 V and 2200 V, the modules supports current ratings of up to 390 A.


The new 50 and 60 mm Prime Block family is available in high quantities. The next portfolio extension will support customers with pre-applied Thermal Interface Material (TIM). This not only keeps production lines fast and clean, additionally it further improves thermal behavior. More information about Infineon’s Prime Block family is available at