Now available with capacitances of 10 F, 25 F and 150 F: EATONs HS / HSL Hybrid Supercapacitors at Rutroni

EATON offers high-performance energy storage devices with particularly high capacity for reliable use in emergency power supply, pulse power and hybrid energy systems with the HS / HSL hybrid supercapacitors. Their flexibility is particularly impressive: they can be used as a stand-alone energy storage device or in combination with batteries to optimize costs, service life and operating time. System requirements can range from a few microwatts to hundreds of watts. The EATON supercapacitor portfolio is available at

Their operating voltage of 3.8 V provides high energy, while the low ESR ensures high power density. Low self-discharge makes them ideal for use in combination with batteries.

Low temperatures down to -25 °C are part of the application range of the HSL supercapacitors. On the other hand, the HS variant has an extended temperature range of up to +85 °C.  The capacitors are also lead-free, halogen-free and RoHS-compliant.

Further fields of application include industrial backup / ride-through, backup for IT server, smart water and gas meters, IoT energy storage, medical emergency power supply / alarm systems and truck / container asset tracking.

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