Ready for 5G Front-Haul Applications with DSFP Dual-Channel 112G Form Factor

Choosing the right form factor becomes easy with Yamaichi Electronics´ DSFP host connector, the worldwide first-to-market DSFP host connector. Due to its multi-fit feature, DSFP is mating compatible with SFP footprint and cages. But it offers 2 channels x 112 Gbps/s data rate instead of only 1 channel as in SFP.

DSFP means Dual Small Form Factor Pluggable. The DSFP is designed according to the OIF specification CEI-112G-PAM4-VSR (latest draft). Since many years Yamaichi Electronics plays a leading role in the OIF working groups. DSFP products are also established in the MSA (Multi Source Agreement). All connectors for data networking by Yamaichi Electronics have excellent electrical properties and an outstanding signal integrity.

DSFP fits two other form factors, SFP and NGSFP. Footprints of the host connector and the mechanical kits (cage, heatsink and clip) remain identical for all three form factors. Thus the DSFP backwards compatibility with SFP is twofold:

  • it occupies the same area on the board (SFP area size compatibility)
  • all custom-made mechanical parts can be used (SFP mechanical parts compatibility)


So it is a multi-fit form factor of optical transceiver connectors in data networking applications like 5G.

Moreover DSFP and the compatible form factors are considerably smaller than QSFP and OSFP form factors. QSFP and OSFP would be too large for front-haul 5G applications.

The data transmission rate is 112G/ch x 2 channels. SFP has the same data rate whereas DSFP has 2 channels on the same size. SFP has only 1 channel.

The high-volume mass production has started. DSFP host connector and mechanical kit are available.

With the DSFP form factor a data networking infrastructure is ready for the future.


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