ShowMeCables Unveils New Cat6a Slim Patch Cable for High-Quality Networking

ShowMeCables, an Infinite Electronics brand and a leading supplier of connectivity solutions, is pleased to announce the Cat6a slim patch cable to its line of Ethernet cables.

A cost-effective and easy network upgrade, the Cat6a slim patch cable is 40% thinner than other Ethernet cables, lending itself to use in tighter spaces without compromising networking speed at 600MHz. Made with pure copper conductors, performance and security are enhanced over other cables made of copper clad aluminum. Available in multiple colors and lengths, this patch cable is outfitted with an RJ45 connector on each end. Thinner patch cables equate to better airflow without crowding and overheating, they can also enhance your network, make the most of your server room and clear up space.

“Our Cat6a slim line of cables is a great choice for anyone dealing with high volumes of cables. They use 28 AWG wire instead of the typical 24 AWG, resulting in almost half the outer diameter of your typical Cat6a cable without sacrificing speed or reliability,” said David Gust, Product Manager.

Customers are standing behind this product as well, remarking on how thin the cables are and how little space they consume.

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About ShowMeCables:

ShowMeCables is a leading eCommerce brand that specializes in providing a large portfolio of in-stock IT, voice, video, and data network cables and connectivity products. ShowMeCables is the chosen supplier for network and IT infrastructure cable assemblies used by professional installers and consumers alike. Backed by a highly knowledgeable support staff of industry experts, the company offers its full inventory of in-stock products while also providing best-in-class customer and technical support. ShowMeCables is an Infinite Electronics company.