Statement on the New SPE Connector Draft Standard IEC 63171-7 from TE Connectivity

The Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance, with its current 32 members, is a registered association of leading technology companies pursuing the goal of establishing Single Pair Ethernet in numerous applications and markets.

With the publication of the NWIP (New Work Item Proposals) of IEC 63171-7, TE Connectivity has for the first time presented a hybrid system for Single Pair Ethernet data and simultaneous power supply. The Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance supports this proposal from TE Connectivity, as it provides additional power for many applications where PoDL technology (Power over Data Line) reaches its limits. The 4 power contacts plus functional earth combined with the SPE data connection in the M12 connector offer an interesting connection technology, especially for many compact, decentralized field devices.

The specification of a new 2-wire data connector in this hybrid interface shows the application diversity in the market. So, we can see that it is not the mating interface that shapes the market, but the application that defines the interface.

This is why the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance believes this connector is another important piece of the puzzle for the establishment of SPE in numerous applications and thus supports the overall Single Pair Ethernet solution.


About the SPE System Alliance

The SPE System Alliance is an association of leading technology companies from various industries and application areas, which shares a unified goal to combine their know-how in the field of SPE and exchange it in a strategic manner.  All partners support the common goal of promoting Single Pair Ethernet technology for IIoT and all other areas of application. For more information on the SPE System Alliance, please visit