Switch Mode Power Supply by Mascot Produces Up To 120W Output

The latest addition to the class-leading Mascot Blueline series of power supplies is the switch mode 3820 external PSU. Designed to meet global power conversion requirements, the 3820 is medically certified in accordance with EN 60601-1 edition 3.1 (safety) and EN 60601-1-2 edition 4 (EMC).

Working with universal AC line voltages from 90V to 264V, the high-efficiency 3820 offers continuous output power up to 120W. Applications for the new power supply include medical devices such as CT and PET scanners, incubators, blood analysers, DNA equipment, ultrasound systems, diagnostics units and medication dispensers, to list but a few. Further uses include communications systems and security devices, for example.

Mascot’s 3820 power supply provides product designers with a turnkey solution that is built on a number of key criteria. Notably, these measures include high quality, competitive price and compliance with the latest eco-design specifications (CoC Tier 2, DoE level VI, CEC, MEPS) adopted in the EU and North America. In addition, the high-performance, CE-marked 3820 PSU has worldwide UL Certification.

Four standard versions are available offering fixed output voltages of 12, 24, 36 and 48V. Other versions and custom designed units with special plugs and cords are available on request. All units have short-circuit protection.

Input terminals are IEC 60320 2-pin C8 or 3-pin C14 connector, while output terminals are served by a cord with or without a plug. Exchangeable DC plugs can also be offered. Plugs, a selection of mains cordsets and an optional mounting bracket are available to order separately.
Key technical specifications of the 3820:

* Universal input voltage, max output power 120W

* UL approved and medically certified for safety and EMC

* 4 versions: 12, 24, 36, 48V

* Weight 530g

* Dimensions: 172.5mm x 73mm x 42mm


About Mascot

Mascot was founded in 1938 and started as one of the radio-manufacturing pioneers in Norway. Today, Mascot is one of Scandinavia’s leading manufacturers of quality power supplies and intelligent battery chargers for Lead Acid, NiMH and Lithium batteries. Mascot also offers a wide range of products including DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters and custom designed power supplies. Many models feature universal input for worldwide mains sources and certifications such as UL and Medical (EN 60601) approvals.

Mascot products are available worldwide through their sales offices, distributors and developers. For more information, please visit our web-site www.mascot.com.