U.K. Operation Focused on Ultra-Low-Power Computing and Memory Changes Name to Microchip Technology Caldicot Ltd

Microchip Technology Inc. has changed the name of its ultra-low-power computing and memory operation in Caldicot, Wales, from Microsemi Semiconductor Ltd. to Microchip Technology Caldicot Ltd. The organization is the lead partner in the ZeroAMP Project, an industry-driven initiative funded by the Horizon2020 EU Research and Innovation Program that is focused on developing ultra-low power computing and memory solutions using nanomechanical switches that survive extreme environments.

The ZeroAMP Project’s goal is to develop nanoelectromechanical relay-based field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) with integrated non-volatile memory that can work at temperatures up to 300°C with zero current leakage and standby power. Microchip is one of several companies and other organizations collaborating on technology that will build on the past work of consortium partners and incorporate novel materials, switch designs, circuit techniques and advanced 3D stacking. The Project is targeting electronic solutions that unlock the full power of the IoT, aid cryogenic Quantum computing, wirelessly log temperatures deep in industrial processes and advance technologies such as electric vehicles that reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

For more information on ZeroAMP, please visit https://www.zeroamp.eu/


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