Vishay Intertechnology Introduces Industry’s First IHLP® Inductor Series Qualified to MIL-STD-981 Class S for Space-Grade Applications

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) today introduced a new series of low profile, high current IHLP® inductors that are the industry’s first to meet the requirements of MIL-STD-981 class S. Designed to provide high reliability in space-grade applications, inductors in the Vishay Custom Magnetics SGIHLP series feature a ruggedized package and perform at high operating temperatures to +180 °C.

Featuring a magnetically shielded construction, the devices released today are optimized for DC/DC converters and high current noise suppression filters in satellites and defense systems. Applications for the inductors include low profile, high current power supplies and point of load (POL) converters; “flight-ready” solar inverters; high current filters; and DC/DC converters in distributed power systems.

Offered in five case sizes, the SGIHLP series features high efficiency with typical DCR from 0.56 mΩ to 240 mΩ and a wide range of inductance values from 0.22 µH to 100 µH. Based on proven IHLP technology, the devices provide rated currents to 100 A and handle high transient current spikes without saturation. The inductors offer excellent inductance and saturation stability over the complete operating temperature range.

Device Specification Table:

Case size 24DC 48FA 60HE 73HF 97OZ
Dimensions (mm) 6.2 x 6.7
x 4.3
12.2 x 12.9
x 6.1
15.5 x 15.2
x 8.5
18.8 x 19.2 x 8.6 27.2 x 24.5
x 15.0
Inductance (µH) 0.22 to 15 0.47 to 68 0.22 to 22 0.47 to 47.0 0.47 to 100
DCR typ. (mΩ) 3.95 to 195 1.55 to 240 0.73 to 31.30 0.89 to 52.7 0.56 to 36.25
DCR max. (mΩ) 4.23 to 208 1.66 to 252 0.81 to 33.49 0.95 to 56.4 0.67 to 39.40
Heat rating current (A) 2.4 to 18 2.4 to 30 8.3 to 66 7.25 to 65.0 9.1 to 80
Saturation current (A) 1.6 to 11 3.5 to 28.5 5.5 to 68 7.0 to 76.0 7.0 to 100
SRF typ. (MHz) 14.1 to 190 4.02 to 72.1 6.43 to 113 3.72 to 52.3 2.01 to 47.5

For more information about the new inductors and to place orders, contact Technical datasheets can be found at by entering SGIHLP in the “Part # / Keyword Search” field.


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IHLP is a registered trademark of Vishay Intertechnology.

Link to Datasheet: (SGIHLP-97OZ-8) (SGIHLP-24DC-8) (SGIHLP-73HF-8) (SGIHLP-60HE-8) (SGIHLP-48FA-8)