Magnachip Debuts New Family of 600V SJ MOSFET Products Featuring Fast Recovery Body Diodes

4 May 2023

Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation (“Magnachip” or “Company”) (NYSE: MX) announced today that the Company has released a new family of 600V…

New ZF Energy harvesting switch module with EnOcean® RF technology

27 September 2022

ZF now offers a light switch module that can be fully integrated into existing EnOcean® wireless systems. The EnOcean® radio…

Telink Introduces Energy Harvesting Multi-protocol Wireless Connectivity Module to Enable Batteryless Solutions

6 September 2022
Energy Harvesting

Telink and Nowi reinforce their existing partnership by launching an Energy Autonomous Wireless Connectivity Module. This new product offering enables…

Vishay Intertechnology Upgrades 193 PUR-SI Solar Series of Snap-in Power Aluminum Capacitors With Higher Voltage Ratings

19 August 2022

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) today announced that it has upgraded the Vishay BCcomponents 193 PUR-SI Solar series of snap-in power aluminum…

Nowi Launches New Chip with Extended Energy Harvesting Capabilities and New Power Management Features

31 March 2022

Nowi, a Dutch semiconductor company specialised in energy harvesting and power management, launches today the newest addition to its portfolio…

Energy Harvesting by ZF – Committing to a Sustainable Technology

8 March 2022
Energy Harvesting

In recent years, the topic of sustainability has gained enormous importance throughout ZF. Our greatest impact worldwide lies in the…

Murata, Deutsche Telekom and Nowi Announce World’s Smallest Energy Harvesting NB-IoT Module with Deutsche Telekom’s integrated nuSIM

1 March 2022
Internet of things

Murata, a Japanese module expert, Deutsche Telekom, leader in telecommunications and Nowi, specialist in energy harvesting, have successfully introduced the…

Nowi and Murata enter strategic partnership to develop LoRa energy autonomous platforms

21 May 2021
Internet of things

Murata and Nowi have entered a strategic partnership that aims to enable and simplify the development of sustainable energy autonomous…

Why do I need to test my assemblies and what do I need?

29 November 2017
By JTAG Technologies

Introduction There’s an old saying in the engineering industry that simply states: ‘If it hasn’t been tested then it doesn’t…