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11 March 2022

Luso Electronics represent many major manufacturers and support customers both technically and commercially. Our factory trained specialists are on hand…

FEM simulation in Keysight ADS

23 July 2021

Rob Smith of PRFI describes how to use the FEM simulator in Keysight ADS to simulate microwave package transitions and…

Technical Discussion on mmWave Packaging

18 December 2020

In this latest in PRFI’s series of technical discussions, Liam Devlin explains the challenges of packaging devices at mmWave frequencies,…

Apacer CoreSecurity2 – A proprietary data protection technology to elevate the data security level

12 May 2020

Due to the global impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, many companies are in work-from-home mode. Since a large number of…

Apacer’s patented anti-sulfuration DRAM modules introduction

19 February 2020
From Apacer

This video from Apacer looks at where and how sulfur corrosion takes hold. How Apacer’s advanced anti-sulfuration technology ensures product reliability…

A fully-integrated 3.5GHz single-chip GaN Doherty PA for sub-6GHz 5G

31 May 2019
From Plextek RFI

Rob Smith of Plextek RFI presents the design of an S-band packaged Doherty PA MMIC for use in 5G base station transmitter…

Power amplifier MMICs for mmWave 5G

11 January 2019
From Plextek RFI

Watch this recent video of Liam Devlin speaking at the 2018 Interlligent UK RF Design Seminar. The high data rates promised by 5G…

u-blox announces multiradio and gateway modules with concurrent Wi-Fi and dual-mode Bluetooth connectivity

26 October 2018

u-blox (SIX:UBXN), a global provider of leading positioning and wireless communication technologies, has announced the NINA-W15 ( multiradio and gateway…

The Design and Evaluation of a Plastic Packaged Single-Chip FEM for 28GHz 5G

25 June 2018
From Plextek RFI

Liam Devlin describes the design, realization and evaluation of an FEM MMIC for the 28 GHz 5G band. The part…