Single IC Can Produce Isolated or Non-isolated ±12V Outputs from 30V to 400V Input

19 July 2022
By Zhijun (George) Qian, Senior Engineer, Analog Devices and William Xiong, Applications Engineer, Analog Devices

Electric vehicles, large-scale battery storage stacks, home automation, industrial, and telecom power all require converting high voltages to ±12V, where…

Remote Sensing Using a High Precision Instrumentation Amplifier

26 May 2022
By Hooman Hashemi, Analog Devices

Abstract The instrumentation amplifier (IA) is the workhorse of sensing applications. In this article, I will explore some ways to…

Paralleling Very Low Dropout Linear Regulators for Increased Output Current and Even Heat Distribution

21 April 2022
By Molly Zhu, Senior Applications Engineer and Fei Guo, Field Applications Engineer, Analog Devices

Introduction Each successive generation of computing systems demands more total power and lower supply voltages than its predecessor, challenging power…

The Rise of Single Pair Ethernet in llOT

17 March 2022
By TTI inc

Single-Pair Ethernet(SPE) is one of the most discussed new connector solutions for industrial sensor and actuator applications. This white paper…

Overcoming Constraints: Design a Precision Bipolar Power Supply on a Simple Buck Controller

4 March 2022
By Victor Khasiev, Senior applications Engineer, ADI

Introduction Industrial, automotive, IT, and networking companies are major purchasers and consumers of power electronics, semiconductors, devices, and systems. These…

How to Design a GaN PA MMIC

24 September 2021

This white paper describes how to design a custom GaN PA MMIC using a commercially available GaN-on-SiC foundry process. It…

Active Battery Cell Balancing

21 July 2021
By Kevin Scott and Sam Nork, Analog Devices, Inc.

With passive and active cell balancing, each cell in the battery stack is monitored to maintain a healthy battery state…

Potting and encapsulating – avoiding voids

21 April 2021
By Paul Whitehead, BSc CEng MIET, Strategic Accounts Manager, INTERTRONICS

Introduction Formulators of multi-component adhesives, potting and encapsulation materials are careful not to supply products with entrapped air. They do…

Physical Size Allocations for RF Electronics in Digital Beamforming Phased Arrays

27 January 2021
By Peter Delos Analog Devices, Inc

Introduction Phased array radars and active electronically scanned arrays (AESA) have been in use and deployed within the aerospace and…

Improving Quality Inspections for Electronics with AI

11 December 2020
By Vesa Tormanen, VP of Product Management and Engineering, Neurala

Manufacturers face immense pressure to deliver high-quality products. Even the smallest of overlooked defects can render a product useless, resulting…