Achieving smooth and fast startup of a sensorless BLDC motor using a microcontroller for initial position detection

6 September 2018
By Renesas

Brushless DC motors featuring low noise and high durability are extensively used in many fields, including industrial applications, automobiles, and…

Neural Networks – Helping Machines to Understand What They See

16 August 2018
By Mark Patrick, Mouser Electronics

Human vision is incredibly powerful. Using our two eyes and our brain, we are able to distinguish objects, perceive depth…

A Contactless Rotary Encoder

14 August 2018
By Jozef Froniewski, Applications engineer at Dialog Semiconductor

How to design a high reliability rotary switch or encoder using a Dialog GreenPAK. This switch design is contactless, and…

Innovative Power Solutions for Transportation Systems

9 August 2018
By Tony Armstrong Director of Product Marketing Power by Linear Group, Analog Devices Inc.

Transportation System Needs Transportation systems can have input voltage ranges up to 14V (single battery automotive), 28V (dual battery trucks,…

Music to your ears: New transducers meet electrostatic headphones

19 April 2018

Despite their high quality and accurate audio reproduction, electrostatic speakers can be prohibitively expensive, sometimes fragile and until recently, were…

Analog Clock Motor Driver

16 April 2018
By Dialog Semiconductor

Even in a digital world, classic analog clocks have a timeless style that is here to stay.  We can use…

Designing Digitally Tunable Microwave Filter MMICs

12 April 2018
By Plextek RFI

Tunable filters are a vital component in broadband receivers and transmitters for defence and test/measurement applications. The very low component…

Tackling the challenges of medical device security

28 March 2018
By Alex Wilson and Andreas Rollmann, Wind River

By Alex Wilson and Andreas Rollmann, Wind River In conversations with medical device manufacturers about innovation and the major business…

How Integrated Thermal Protection Technology Can Prevent Solid State Relay Failure in Industrial Systems

16 February 2018
By Rogelio Castaneda and Oscar Rivera, Sensata Technologies

Most large motor-driven machinery requires a system attached to the motor’s power supply that will sense overheating and turn off…

Accelerating Custom Capacitor Design with Simulation Apps

19 January 2018
By Sarah Fields, Technical marketing engineer, Comsol

Capacitors are ubiquitous across common electrical devices used today, as well as in applications where extreme conditions must be considered….