A New Approach to Software is Needed to Unleash the Full Power of Manycore/Multicore Processing

23 October 2020
By Rolland Dudemaine, VP Engineering, eSOL Europe.

When combined with a distributed-microkernel OS, today’s highly-efficient manycore processors can endow autonomous systems with human-like skills, explains Rolland Dudemaine,…

Include Cleaning in your Design for Reliable Electronics

29 July 2020
By Emily Peck, Senior Chemist at MicroCare Corporation

Good PCB (printed circuit board) design practices are critical in order to deliver a board that performs as intended. When…

2-Axis Solar Sun Tracker

27 July 2020
By Dialog Semiconductor

This application note describes the design of a Sun Tracking Solar Panel System using a Dialog GreenPAK™ CMIC. The use…

LTpowerPlanner: A System-Level Power Architecture Design Tool

15 July 2020
By Henry Zhang, Applications Engineering Manager, and Tim Kozono, Applications Engineer, Analog Devices Inc.

Introduction Modern electronic systems have an increasing level of complexity. There can be a large number of power rails and…

IoT Can Use Wireless Power Transmission

17 June 2020
By Tony Armstrong, Director Marketing for the Power by Linear Group, Analog Devices Inc.

  Background & Introduction The term “Internet of Things” (IoT) refers to the ongoing trend to connect not only people…

Advanced Converters Enable Battery-Powered Medical Instrumentation

13 May 2020
By Tony Armstrong, Director of Product Marketing, Power Products Group, Analog Devices Inc.

Low power precision components have enabled the rapid growth of portable and wireless medical instruments. However, unlike many other applications,…

Noise analysis of precision data acquisition signal chain

21 April 2020
By Maithil Pachchigar, Analog Devices, Inc.

In many applications, the analog front end takes either a single-ended or differential signal and performs gain or attenuation, antialiasing…

A Fully Integrated 3.5GHz Single Chip GaN Doherty PA for sub-6GHz 5G

7 April 2020
By Robert Smith, Stuart Glynn, Jake Greene and Liam Devlin

This paper describes the development of a fully-integrated packaged Doherty amplifier monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), fabricated on a 0.4…

High Efficiency, High Density PSM μModule Regulator with Programmable Compensation

20 March 2020
By Haihua Zhou, Jian Li, and Simon Tian, Analog Devices, Inc.

  FPGA boards, as well as prototype, testing, and measurement applications demand versatile and high density power solutions. The LTM4678…

Why ‘first time’ prototype builds can be a very frustrating stop-start and time consuming process!

7 February 2020
By Pete Joburn, Principal Engineer, Smart Made Simple

One of the biggest issues for a manufacturer with any new prototype product build is the limited numbers of PCB’s…