Making Field-Oriented Control of motors simple

12 February 2019
By Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Europe

The move from mechanical to electronically controlled commutation of motors, coupled with new battery technologies, has opened up a wide…

A Dual Channel SMT Packaged PA for 26GHz 5G

12 February 2019
By Stuart Glynn, Liam Devlin and Graham Pearson, Plextek RFI

Although the formal agreement of the mm-wave bands for 5G will not be finalised until the World Radio Conference in…

Hats off to the boundary element method

2 February 2019
By Zack Conrad

Engineers at GN Resound used the boundary element method for acoustics to create a simulated version of a physical Head…

New automotive audio amplifier delivers sound quality and efficiency

1 February 2019
By Toshiba Electronics Europe

Amplifiers have been with us for years and have followed a development path that has continually innovated to bring new…

Automatic trash can

14 November 2018
By Dialog Semiconductor

Almost every appliance in domestic life is experiencing innovation in automation and intelligence. In keeping with this trend, this app…

How Advanced Precision Motors Empower The IOT and Industry 4.0

12 October 2018
By Walter Smith, Sensata Technologies

Electric motors have been around for over a century (the electric trolley has existed since the late 19th Century), but…

Regulated Capacitive Charge Pump with Programmable Output and Powerdown using GreenPAK

10 October 2018
By Dialog Semiconductor

Many battery powered applications in the IoT market require additional voltage levels for powering specific interface circuits, sensors, etc. This…

Active Bridge Rectifiers Reduce Heat Dissipation within PoE Security Cameras

9 October 2018
By Ryan Huff, PoE Applications Engineer, Analog Devices Inc.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) has been embraced by the video surveillance industry as a solution to an age-old problem: complicated…

Plextek RFI closes the gap between measured and modelled MMIC performance

19 September 2018
By Plextek RFI

This white paper reviews some recent MMIC designs carried out by Plextek RFI that demonstrate how highly accurate MMIC performance…

Achieving smooth and fast startup of a sensorless BLDC motor using a microcontroller for initial position detection

6 September 2018
By Renesas

Brushless DC motors featuring low noise and high durability are extensively used in many fields, including industrial applications, automobiles, and…