High Efficiency, 20 A, Monolithic Silent Switcher 2 Regulator for SoC and Microprocessor Applications

24 January 2020
By Zhongming Ye, Analog Devices inc

Power budgets continually rise for advanced SoC  solutions used in industrial and automotive systems. Each successive SoC generation adds power…

Designing with reed relays – Beyond the datasheet

7 November 2019
By Keith Moore, CEO, Pickering Electronics

For many switching applications, reed relays remain the superior solution; their small size, high isolation resistance, hermetically sealed contact surfaces…

Broadband (2-18GHz) GaN PA Design

29 October 2019
By Plextek RFI

GaN technology can be used to realise broadband microwave power amplifiers with output power levels of around 5 times those…

Laser diodes: How smartphones and self-driving cars see the world

17 October 2019
By IDTechEx

Tiny infrared lasers offer 3D sensing functionality for consumer electronics like smartphones and robots like self-driving cars. In this article,…

Reliable structures and wearable systems call for multiphysics simulation

15 October 2019

Engineers at STMicroelectronics use numerical simulation to optimize their semiconductor solutions for a wide range of applications.  

Charging a Battery without a Connector – Made Easy

14 May 2019
By Tony Armstrong, Director of Product Marketing, Power Products Group, Analog Devices Inc.

Lots of products use a battery as the primary power source. Of course, we all know about the “i-something” products…

Implementation of 555 Timer using GreenPAK AN-CM-278

1 May 2019
By Dialog Semiconductor

This application note demonstrates the implementation of the monostable, astable, and bistable behavior of the 555 timer IC using SLG46110V….

Digital Twin – A Pillar of Digital Enterprise Transformation

17 April 2019
By Mark Patrick, Mouser Electronics

Today, it seems, every business is seeking digital transformation, taking advantage of diverse data streams to find new ways to…

Control RGB LED Color Via Bluetooth

22 March 2019
By Dialog Semiconductor

Smart bulbs enable the user to control their light via a special application on the user’s smart phone; the bulb…

Standalone Auto-Restart Solution for Battery Charger

18 March 2019
By Victor Khasiev Senior Applications Engineer, Power by Linear Products, Analog Device Inc.

The main impediment some designers encounter is the lack of automatic or self-activating functions required for a fully functional Li-Ion…