A 4-Channel 28GHz Power Amplifier with 4-Bit Digital Phase Control for 5G RF Front Ends

28 June 2017
By Plextek RFI

An enormous amount of research effort is currently being devoted to developing 5G technology with the aim of roll out by the year…

The Design of A 125W L-Band GaN Power Amplifier

28 June 2017
By Plextek RFI

This paper describes the design and evaluation of a single stage 125W L-Band GaN Power Amplifier using a low-cost packaged…

Capacitive touch solutions for wearable applications

28 June 2017
By Nikolaos Terzopoulos, Hardware Applications Engineer, Dialog Semiconductor

This white paper describes available capacitive touch sensing technologies focusing on wearable applications, and outlines the pros and cons for…

The Role of Static Analysis in a Secure Software Development Lifecycle

23 March 2017
By by Bill Graham, GrammaTech, Inc.

When should static analysis be applied?” The answer to this question is fairly straightforward: “whenever code is being developed.” This…