How Can IoT Devices be Properly Protected Against Cyber Threats?

21 January 2022

Anders Tell Us About i.MX 8 Security By Liem Tran, Applications & Development Engineer, Anders. The IoT is no longer…

Realizing the Potential of Printed Piezoelectric Sensors, Discussed by IDTechEx

11 January 2022

Printed pressure sensors are a well-established technology, having been used for applications such as car occupancy sensors, electric pianos, and…

The benefits of a universal optical transceiver

6 January 2022

The high amount of branded optical transceivers and interfaces on the market means that, when setting up a new fibre…

IDTechEx Discusses RFID in 2021 and What to Expect for the Future

20 December 2021

Despite a 5% drop in the global RFID market in 2020 compared to 2019, due to the impact of COVID-19,…

Connecting frontline military systems

15 December 2021

Intelligence — about enemies, terrain and everything in between — is an essential aspect of military operations, and it’s driving…

Printed Electronics in 2021: Emerging Applications Accelerate Towards Adoption

25 November 2021

Printed/flexible electronics has long been touted as the technology that will make electronics ubiquitous. Promised applications include wireless sensors in…

Dynamic EMS Discusses How Prioritising Innovation Today is the Key to Unlocking Post-Crisis Growth

24 November 2021

Jim Scott, Customer Support Manager, Dynamic EMS The COVID-19 pandemic has upended nearly every aspect of life, from the personal…

IDTechEx Discusses If It Is Finally Time for Printed Temperature Sensors

18 November 2021

Think of a temperature sensor – and a traditional glass thermometer, or perhaps a small thermistor would probably spring to…

Simple and Fast Wi-Fi Implementation using Dialog AT Command

6 November 2021

by Ture Nielsen, Head of EMEA Wi-Fi Marketing at Dialog Semiconductor DA16200 is the lowest power Wi-Fi SoC in the industry….

Real-time data flow with DDS and TSN

2 November 2021

Could a DDS-TSN standard provide the open framework we’ve been missing? In real-time computing systems, using a Data Distribution Service (DDS) is an increasingly common…